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Kindies ‘news of the week TPS/PS/MS/GS


Congratulations CLEO ! For being caring, and a good communicator.

Our PYP theme

Who we are

Our line of inquiry:

Exploring our interests through games


This week started with Solea’s show and tell. They all did a good job asking questions about Solea’s toy. And were all very curious, and fascinating.

Circle time: Why is it important for you to play? Children shared their ideas about why they like playing, and their emotions while playing.

Free flow numeracy: Children could choose an activity freely. They had to complete the activity while the music was on, when the music stopped they could change.

Project time: They decided that they wanted to play the “toy store” game again.

On Tuesday,


  • TPS, PS, MS. Working on number 0 to 5

  • Working on adding

On Thursday,

they attempted to create a toy using a variety of materials: cardboards, paints, scissors, glues, salt dough …Etc. Some of them created masks, some of them created pistols, others created balls or cubes.


TPS,PS,MS, worked on the Sound S, they did an amazing job !

GS: Based on their good knowledge of the sounds S,A,T,P,I,N they started blending sounds together to form well-known words.

Free flow literacy: We had set up 3 stations, they could move around the classroom and choose the station they wanted. Tracing, letter matching, or memory game.

On Friday,

Phonics: TPS,PS, MS: worked on sound S

GS: blending well-known sounds together in order to read short words.

We elected the star of the week: Cleo!

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