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Kindies ‘news of the week TPS/PS/MS/GS


Congratulations !!!


Our PYP theme

Who we are

Our line of inquiry:

Exploring our interests through games

This week on Monday Kindies worked on their interests. They completed a “My interests” chart by answering questions about themselves, after which they had to present their chart to their friends, and received a coloring link to their answers on the chart. They all tried their best answering and participating in the different workshops.

After completing their chart they were asked to present their answers to their peers in order for everyone to find out more about each other. They did a great job trying to assert themselves and their shyness.

Numeracy: Linked to our theme, we decided to let the children choose, and develop their total autonomy at the beginning of the year. That's why during our numeracy workshops they can grab a "number box" in which they'll find lots of activities to learn to recognize and trace the number they've decided to work on.


TPS,PS,MS were initiated to different sounds game for their first week back to school (environmental phonics): on Monday they did “the sound box game”

GS: review the S,A,T,P,I,N sounds.

Group game: they were able to choose a game they wanted to play altogether, they chose the “freeze game”.

On Tuesday, we talked about their favorite toy/game. It was their chance to develop their communication skills (expressing themselves, forming sentences, pronouncing simple words, learning new vocabulary).

After sharing with their friends they had to:

  1. Find their favorite to and play with it

  2. Make a drawing/painting of their favourite toys

  3. Complete the “My favourite toy” chart with a teacher.


TPS,PS,MS were initiated to different sounds games (environmental phonics): Monkey hear, Monkey do !

GS: Review S,A,T,P,I,N (matching capital letters with lower-case letters)

Group game: they were able to choose a game they wanted to play altogether, they chose the “Bomb” game.

On Thursday, we played the game “Who likes…?”. Two teachers were showing flashcards with different pictures on it (for example, Cars or dolls). Children had to run to their favorite picture to express their interests. They really enjoyed this game and they asked to play it multiple times. Sometimes it was hard for them to make a choice!

In free flow literacy:

  • 1) Fine motor skills (following lines)

  • 2) Tracing names, getting familiar with the letters of their names

  • 3) Pre-writing (GS)


  • Animal sounds (TPS,PS,PS): What animal makes this sound?

  • Memory game (matching uppercase and lowercase letters + say the sounds for each letters)

Project time: we played the “Game master”. 3 children had to choose 3 other friends and chose a game to play with them. The game master had to explain the rules and get the resources he needed.

On Friday, we talked about where they can find toys, and what they need to get toys. They all talked about the toy store, therefore we played at the toy store. There were sellers and buyers. Buyers had to take a certain number of coins to play. And the sellers had to choose the toys they wanted to sell and decide what would be the price for each item. They really enjoyed this activity, and they asked for it multiple times. It was a good activity to practice their numeracy knowledge and develop their capacity to understand the world around them.

Free flow literacy: Kindies decided they all wanted to follow lines with painting, it was a fun and friendly moment.

They had their first meeting with Helene, the theater teacher. They were all very shy at first, but they will gain confidence when they will get to know her a little bit more.

We elected the star of the week: Solea! Congratulations for stepping in the group like a pro !

Highlights of the week :

They really enjoyed asserting themselves this week.

Specific informations for families :

Feel free to complete the transmission book, in case you need to provide our team with specific informations.

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