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Mission statement

Is it a school that suits my child's needs? 

Today, open-mindness has become one of the cornerstones of education.

Children are living in an international environment/context, where adaptability, curiosity and intellectual and moral sensitivity are key.

Ma Kindy is the first  bilingual international school on Reunion Island that aims to implement a highly acclaimed open-minded program based on the IB mission statement and the UK school curriculum.


When we start talking
about globalization,

Most of the time, we consider it from the angle of the economy, migratory exchanges, or the political game between nations.

However, this trend also has consequences in many other fields such as the challenges faced by education/educational challenges.

We also think that globalization is a dynamic process in which cultures, national and local identities play an important role. We have therefore sought to break with the status of educational systems that are used to educate only citizens and national identities.

To achieve this, at Ma Kindy, our education focuses on three key areas: knowledge, skills and most importantly, ways of thinking and seeing. Thinking and seeing involve an awareness of the world, values and attitudes that encourage a critical approach.


At my kindy, our core values are centered on the following pillars:

Diversity :

Align with our host country's core values, at Ma Kindy we believe that the world's richness is found in its diversity: that of its peoples, cultures, generations, languages, individuals...
Even more so, here in Reunion Island, where living together is part of our DNA. We are proud to share and promote this value with the generations of tomorrow.

We hope that our pupils will contribute to building a better world in a spirit of mutual understanding and intercultural respect.


We believe that education is constantly evolving with its environment. It is the foundation on which we build the world of tomorrow.
We are creating future generations and this requires a permanent anticipation of future stakes.

Our project, innovative, pushes the lines of classicism, we militate so that school is no longer considered as a duty or an obligation, but an opportunity that everyone appropriates.

Definitely, Ma Kindy wants to be progressive in terms of educational system, we are an innovative and inclusive school and we want to bring the necessary change to the traditional education model thanks to our expertise in child development, our knowledge of the international network and our know-how in didactics and pedagogy.



We seek out the best in each child and our instruction is based on differentiation and inclusion.
We have chosen to teach two curricula simultaneously, thus making the bet to exploit the pupils' full potential at the most favorable moment of their development.
A quality, welcoming environment is also an asset: gracious facilities, spacious and well-equipped classrooms, small class sizes, and a strong student-teacher ratio. 


We keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest techniques and publications in education, pedagogy and bilingualism.


Nos valeurs

The challenges of education today are unique.

The guiding utopia that must guide us is to make the world move towards more mutual understanding, more responsibility and more solidarity, accepting our spiritual and cultural differences.

Education, by providing access to knowledge for all, has a specific role to play in the accomplishment of this universal task: to help understand the world and the other, in order to better understand oneself.

School must adapt to the world in which we live and, above all, know how to anticipate the changes ahead.

Notre vision
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