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Year 4/5/6- Students' review

Our PYP theme : who we are

Our line of inquiry: Personal values,beliefs and interests that shape our individual identity

Numeracy : We worked on multiplications,divisions,additions,and subtractions.

We did some reviews,we also did all of that with decimals.We must do some Workshops : we did the workshops in French and in English : we reviewed the numbers in letters and wrote numbers up to millions.(Melia)

Literacy : We did the word class review because it helps us to write better. For examples, we reviewed nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, conjunction, prepositions, determiners, proper nouns, and common nouns.

I prefer working on the Harry Potter inquiry because I liked to answer the questions and write about Harry and Dobby. (Mael)

Inquiry : We worked on our skills

Thinking skills : to propose and evaluate ideas

Self management : Manage our emotions

Social skills : Practice empathy

Communication : Listen actively and respectfully

Creative : Using drawing to understand

Reflective : Reflect on our learning

We defined our learner profiles :

risk taker : exploring other countries because you need to speak their language

Inquirer : I enjoy learning

principled: Telling the truth and taking responsibility

caring: I am nice with the others and help them if they need

knowledgeable: I remember what I have learned

Thinker : I think carefully

Reflective : I ask a lot of questions

Balanced : I try to stay happy and healthy (Maina)

PYP wall : we filled up our PYP wall with social skills and what we like to do.

I liked to do the social skills poster. ( Alex)

Classroom rules : We did a poster of essential agreements, because we need to

  • respect each other

  • take turns

  • Be caring

  • Keep ourselves and others safe

  • Share

Being caring is the most important rules for me ( Eliott)

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