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Congratulations !!!

Mael !!!!

Our PYP theme : who we are

Our line of inquiry: Personal values,beliefs and interests that shape our individual identity

This morning we did an assembly. Assembly is when we are all together to talk about the house's points.We discussed how we win points.

This week in grammar we did words class.We add adverbs and adjectives in sentences.We researched the difference between adjectives and adverbs.The difference is that the adjective describes the nouns or pronouns and the adverbs modify the verbs.We did lots of activities about adjectives and adverbs. ( Eliott)

This week we did some writing: We wrote about our writing process :

1- do a brainstorm

2- take notes and order

3- do a pre-writing

4- review your spelling

5-do your final writing

We answered the question : what do you expect from this school year?

This week in reading: In reading we read a text about the history of the computer,we decided to use a strategy: the strategy was to first read the questions and after to underline the key words and we searched the questions in the text. This strategy is very interesting because we don't have to read the whole text too many times and it’s much faster .(Melia)

This week we did numeracy: we wrote big numbers and we did problem solving where we searched if it was an addition,subtraction,division and multiplication. We found situations and key words and we made a poster to help us in class.

We did division of decimal numbers.It was complicated to divide with decimal numbers.(Mael).

We also did a poster: We did a poster about the school computing rules :

1- take care of the computer

2-don't use a computer without an adult

3-dont tell your full identity

4-don't share your personal information

5-don't speak to people you don't know

6-don’t post a photo of your friends

7-tell an adult if you see sometimes choking

8-I know that adult have access to what i do on internet

9-don’t click on the publicities

10-go on secure websites

11-not all the information on internet are true

12-add sources to the informations you use


We saw how to be safe on websites ,applications and publicity (Alexandre).

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