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Primies 2 s ‘news of the weekCM1/CM2/6ème

Our PYP theme : who we are

Our line of inquiry: Personal values,beliefs and interests that shape our individual identity

This week we did fractions and we learned how to compare fractions. The words to compare fractions are : greater than or smaller than and equal to.

We need to have the same denominator .To compare we need to multiply the number of the bottom and the number on the top.

We did decimal numbers.We learnt how to put decimal numbers in expanded form.

For example:47, 456 = 40+7+0,4+0,05+0,006

This week: We did a dictation and the words of the dictation were twelfth,immediately,identity,lightning,marvelous and community. (Mael)

This week we did some grammar . On grammar we reviewed the word classes,we worked on activities about : adjectives,adverbs,nouns,prepositions,pronouns,conjunctions and verbs.(Melia)

Sport: During this week we did some sports. We played some basketball. We learned how we can do some dribbles and how to pass the ball without dropping it.The rules that I learned is that we can dribble but we can’t stop dribbling and continue or we can’t have the ball in our hands and run, instead we can do three steps. (Mélia)

We had writing and the question was : how can computers help us to learn ? We had to give our opinions and research facts.

This week we learned about facts and opinions. Facts are things that we explain but that are true like: I went to my pony class or numbers from scientific datas. Opinions are when you tell an idea so you respect other’s ideas.( Maina )

This week we had hogwarts house points : there was Gryffindor : Eliott,Alex ,T.Juliette, T.Marie, : Slytherin Maina,T.Leelou,;T.Caroline,T.Julie : Ravenclaw : Melia, Mael,T.Noemi ( Maina )

We did some math. In math we did some divisions. (Alex)

This week we worked on Picasso-like portraits.We work on Picasso because it is our project's central idea to “Explore our identity”.We did a painting with an identity like Picasso.Here are some facts about Picasso: Police thought that he stole the Mona Lisa. The jobs of Picasso:painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist and theater designer.( Eliott)

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