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Primies 1s ‘news of the weekCE1/CE2

Our PYP theme WHO WE ARE

Our line of inquiry:

Essence of a balanced lifestyle


During week number 4 together,

We are learning more about science and we are currently inquiring on the food groups to help us make healthy choices. Students are getting a good understanding of what it means to be balanced and can explain the choices they make.

During this time we worked on:

- PHONICS : We quickly reviewed our letter sounds from phase 1 as we all remembered them. We went on to work on the digraphs WH / TH /PH / SH / CH through diverse activities. We worked on focused groups of 3 students to meet their different needs.

- DICTATION : As writing is a big step into being an independent learner, we are having dictation everyday to feel more confident in the writing process. We worked on sight words ( like, you, I, favorite, my, food) and mixed words with the sounds reviewed in phonics

- NUMERACY : We are currently reviewing number families with daily number dictations until 100. We started an inquiry on money from the United Kingdom and France and are quickly learning to add and combine money. We learnt new strategies to mentally add and subtract tens and three digits numbers. Our focus points next week will be to write more numbers in letters.

- WRITING : We worked on two writing subjects : Our food habits and hobbies that we like or not. It was the occasion for our students to learn how to express their likes and dislikes on paper.

- INDEPENDENT WORKSHOPS : We are now working again with workshops as manipulation helps them to have a better grasp of concepts. At the end of each focused activity, students get a ticket with specific workshops to complete their learning. Here are the workshops we are working with at the moment :

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