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Kindies ‘news of the weekTPS/PS/MS/GS


Congratulations Nouri! For making good choices during this whole week.

Our PYP theme

Who we are

Our line of inquiry:

We are learning while playing with others

This week, we decided to work on differences. Children learned that it is ok to have different tastes and it is ok to feel like doing something else than others. Learning how to be a good communicator by expressing emotions in a respectful way.

On Monday, children worked on comparing their interests with their friends’, to do so we introduce differences through an activity:

Two by two they had to select some pictures to express each child’s interests, and after, they had to talk about what they both like. A funny way to find more about themselves and to learn about differences and similarities at the same time.

Also, while learning about differences, we wanted children to understand that ‘We are learning while playing with others’. Therefore, this week was centered around “your friends can teach you something”. Every morning, the group was split into groups and one student was in charge of teaching something to the whole group. On Monday: On Tuesday: On Thursday: On Friday: This week we played “Game Master” every afternoon. Short reminder of what is the “Game Master”: 3 children are chosen as “Game masters”. This role allows them to choose some friends, and to select or invent the game they want to share with their friends. But, because this week is based on differences, we added a “Like/Dislike chart” for all the participants of the game: at the end of the game, each member of the game have to tell if they liked of did not like the activity.

On Monday, the game masters were: On Tuesday: On Thursday: On Friday:

Highlights of the week :

Learning to be a good communicator and appreciate differences.

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