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First week- Year 2/3- CE1/CE2


Congratulations !!!


For Being Principled, Caring and taking risks

Our PYP theme: WHO WE ARE

Our line of inquiry: Balanced Life Style

Welcome back to school,

During the first two days,

We have learned about the likes and dislikes of the group. To have a great start of the year, the main objectives was to create a welcoming and engaging environment for the student to create cohesion within the group.

During this time we worked on:

- differents nationalities,

- our favorite activities,

- preferred IB profiles,

- how they interact and get along with one another,

-what learning means: how they learn and absorb information.

During these two days, I have enjoyed seeing students getting along well, and their positive attitudes.

During teaching time, all students were very creative and inquisitive when it came to learning and reviewing phonics, numeracy, literacy, arts (were fascinated by the Blue Whale, we drew and labeled the body parts of the whale), geography, science.

Looking forward to next week.

Highlights of the week :

During our art session, students showed great inquiring skills when it came to learning how to mix Tertiary colors and to find balance when creating the secondary colors.

Specific informations for famillies :

We need some old big T-shirts for painting as the plastic ones the Ss said that they were too hot.

Next events :

Theater should start this coming Friday.

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